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Story: “Mr. Coils’ Awesome Adventure

  1.   Tub Humor
  2.   Say Your Prayers
  3.   Hide and go Shriek
  4.   Missss…ing!
  5.   Right Here WaitingMCAA 270 x 270 ms5
  6.   Witness Protection
  7.   The Loved Ones
  8.   Bad is Best
  9.   Elementary
  10.   Coils’ In Trouble
  11.   No More Exotics
  12.   NEXT!
  13.   Back With Coils
  14.   The Atheist
  15.   A Thousand Words
  16.   Pass The Joint
  17.   Bad News
  18.   Practice Preaching
  19.   Clash Of The Titans
  20.   Watch Your Manners
  21.   Know Thyself’s Snake
  22.   Down In The Dumps
  23.   Whoa-Men!
  24.   Escape From Alca-spaz
  25.   Packing The Evidence
  26.   Little Favor
  27.   Reunited Again

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