So,DSCN2103 I wanted to get a dual USB charger to plug into the cigarette lighter in my car. I found one at the Verizon store.  It’s made by Qmadix.  It looked a little “Odd” in the packaging but when I took it out, I thought to myself…  “I have to post this on my site!”

     Now I know it’s not just me, but does this design look a little “Intentional” to you?  I mean, what was the designer thinking?  I know what he must have been thinking.  Giggling to his or herself, “I can’t believe they aren’t noticing!”  as the board approved of this design.  And what, no one took it out of the packaging first to see what the final product will look like?  The best part is when you plug it into your car, the area around the ports light up.