Starting November 11th Casually Employed will be temporarily cutting its update schedule from three updates a week to one a week .  During that time there will be a new comic posted every Monday.  On Monday January 6th Casually Employed will resume its Monday, Wednesday & Friday schedule.

This decrease in updates has nothing to do with burnout, lack of interest or increasing interest in something else.  I’ll continue to create “Casually Employed” strips in my free time like I’ve been.  But that’s the key.  “Free time”.  I looked at my schedule for the next two months and while they are always the busiest two months of the year for me, this year is especially busy and doesn’t offer me enough free time to maintain a Mon, Wed & Fri update schedule.  So instead of offering two updates a week that I may or may not be able to deliver on, I will post once a week and all other comics will count towards my buffer.

I apologize for not continuing a three update a week schedule and I also apologize for my formal tone.  It’s the only way I know how to convey sincerity.  😉

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my comic either by helping to promote it or even just visiting the site.  You guys mean a lot to me.  There are so many Webcomics out there to read, I truly am flattered you include mine in your list.  😀

Bill Murphy

P.S.  To all the Webcomic creators  who’s sites I’ve been commenting on or helping to promote.  I’ll still have an online presence but that too will be limited.  Please don’t take it personally if you see I’ve posted somewhere but not for you.  After January 6th I will be back to posting exactly the same as I’ve been doing up until this week.  😉