Casually Employed will be updating once a week every Wednesday until January 15th.  After that, updates will return to my intended Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.

Before starting this website I was cautioned to have up to six weeks worth of strips in my buffer.  The reason is that I am needed to finish some current obligations before having the “free” time it would take to create a comic with a three strip a week update schedule.  So I created a ten week buffer before going live.  Unfortunately, I did not plan for the seventeen weeks my transition is actually going to require.

While I am disappointed it will take longer to tell the stories I have for Casually Employed during this transition, I am excited about the positive changes that will be afforded to me.  And at the end of it all, I will be given the “free” time I need to continue creating strips for Casually Employed.

So mark your calendar.  Casually Employed is only talking a slight step back before making a big leap forward!  😉