Clive Adams 

Central character.  Hosts a low budget Video Game review show for the new “Hobby Channel”.  During the day Clive works for “Conglomerate Warehouse” as an on call repair technician.

When not at work he can be found glued to his computer playing “Castlequest” with his friends.


CoilsB-gif-adaptive-200Mr. Coils

Clive’s pet Burmese Python.  Mr. Coils is a superfan of Clive.  This is probably because their interaction is only in Clive’s imagination.





Daniel Yamaguchi

Clive’s best friend.  Host of “The Tech Master” on “The Hobby Channel” and also works for “Conglomerate Warehouse” as an on call repair technician with Clive.







Marybeth White

Host of “The Hobby Channel’s” #1 show “Yum-My Meals”.






Kim May

Marybeth’s Personal Assistant and best friend.  There is nothing Kim won’t do for Marybeth.  Kim also works at “Dusty Treasures” Bookstore.






Jill Yamaguchi

Daniel’s loving devoted wife and mother of their infant Julie.  Jill is a nurse’s assistant and is working twards becoming a full time nurse.







Tyrone Black

Producer for “The Hobby Channel”.






Lloyd Nistad

Collage Freshman and Assistant Manager for the Repair department in “Conglomerate Warehouse”





Mr. Nisad

Head Manager of “Conglomerate Warehouse” and Lloyd’s father.







Mrs. ‘Maryellen” White.

Marybeth’s mother and wife to Minister White.





Mr. “Minister” White

Marybeth’s father and husband to Mrs. “Maryellen” White.  Head of “Prospect Falls” biggest church “The Church of Religious Denomination”.








Long time maid of Mr. & Mrs. White.