Welcome to the last comic in my “Flashback Fridays” segment and the last update in my chapter “Buffer Build-A-Thon 2013”.  This gag was originally posted back on January 14th 2013.  I think it’s a good way to end this chapter before starting my new story line “Racist Humor”.

I want to thank everyone who continued to support my comic during these past two months of limited updates and new gags.  I really enjoy creating Casually Employed but a lot of that enjoyment would be lost if no one was here to read it.  I can’t express how valuable you all are to me.

Casually Employed has now been online for almost a year and a half.  Within that time I scaled back it’s update schedule twice.  Once for a family matter that I should have waited until it was over before first posting Casually Employed, and the other based on poor planning on my part.  My ultimate goal is to produce more updates not less.  So fingers crossed that 2014 will be a solid year!