***Post Update***

The original uploaded comic has been replaced with a better quality one.  A very kind artist Doug Hills has been helping me figure out why my lines were coming out all jagged using Manga Studio.  I’m leaving my original post so that anyone who returns won’t think they have to go and buy a new pair of glasses.

Thanks again Doug!  😀


This is my first strip using “Manga Studio EX 4” instead of “Photoshop Elements 7”. I’m not happy with the line quality.  Monday’s update will be the second strip using MS where I got the line quality better but still not as good as I do with Photoshop.  From there I switched back.  I plan to use Manga for my comic in the near future.  It smooths out my lines.  Something I want since I have very shaky hands. On occasion, I need to use both hands to drink from a glass.  Yeah, that kind of shaky.  there will be some learning required before I make a full transition to Manga.  but for the time being, this is not my New style!  😉