When it comes to women, some men will never learn from their mistakes!  😀


And with that, this comic ends the storyline “New Day Job”.  I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Now with great pleasure and a sigh of relief, I can reviel the true (but not so different) theme of Casually Employed.  Taken from the newly updated “New Readers” page…


“Casually Employed is about a group of TV Show Hosts working for a new low budget channel called  “The Hobby Channel”. With low rating they all must keep their day jobs while they wait for their “Big Break”.  Along for the ride is the central character Clive Adams. Unmotivated, lazy and irresponsible, he continues to share in the same level of success as his friends.”


You can also see the new characters on the “Cast” page.  Plus a new background has been added to include these recent additions.


I came up with this concept for a comic strip back in August 2011.  Originally the first storyline I wrote was about how Clive comes to end up working at “The Hobby Channel”.  60 gags came from that four hour writting session.  Thinking it to be too long, I broke it into four shorter storylines.  Many gags were removed into other storylines and new gags were added to the original four.  I am currently working on 25, yes 25 storylines.  The next two are already completed.  Now I just have to hit the drawing tablet!


Come back next update and see what is in store at Casually Employed.  😉