Okay, okay…  Before anyone starts throwing stones at me I want to state that the recent air disaster and this current storyline are both coincidental.  I wrote this story back in August-October of 2011.  I began posting it on March 3rd before the horrific event.  I wrote three additional gags not part of the original story and skipped two updates in hopes of putting some distance between this part of the story and the true event.

It bothered me a great deal back when I was posting “Stalker Movie” a tale about an abductor that was looking to kidnap Marybeth.  And shortly after I had an abduction scene in the comic, the news was saturated about three women who just escaped their abductor of ten years.  I thought what were the odds.  Then I thought about this story and what if.  Then figured it won’t happen.  But it did.

I just wanted to give you guys the inside scoop about this current story.  Time for “Island Getaway” to continue.