Buffer Build-a-thon 2013!

Casually Employed is written in a Story Line style.  However, for the next seven weeks I’ll be doing something different.  I’m releasing a chapter I have named “Buffer Build-A-Thon 2013”.  A new comic will be posted every Monday that will be a random standalone gag.  And a bonus update on Friday referred to as “Flashback Friday” that will be a previously posted comic handpicked by myself and aimed for newer readers. Not for their humor but the fact they better explain the relationships and personalities of the characters in Casually Employed.

A note to all my commenters…

I’ll be off the internet for the next week while I’m on my Honeymoon 😉 then most of the following week where I’ll be celebrating my Birthday the night before Thanksgiving which I’ll be hosting followed by a tree trimming party the day after.  Phew!  I told you things were busy this year for me!  😀  So when you can’t find me anywhere online, now you know where I’ll be.