OK guys, THAT is Mr. Tyrone Black.  NOT Keith.  😉

New Readers, I write in a story line style and try my best to make each comic funny on it’s own without needing to know past history.  If you found yourself scratching your head over this one it’s because past history is needed to get the surprise ending.  😉

Now back to the Keith/Tyrone questions from the comments section.  You guys weren’t far off the mark by mistaking Keith for Tyrone.  Truth be known, Keith was the original test sketch I did for Tyrone hence the similarities.  But it wasn’t how I wanted Tyrone to look.  And as you creative people know, once you create something with eyes, it’s hard to throw it away.  So I saved the character for this story line which was written two years ago before I drew my first comic.

So yes, it was always my intention to have Tyrone and Gene in a relationship with each other.  But with so many characters to introduce, I needed to just let it happen over time slowly.  It’s a lot more fun to discover things about someone after you know them instead of being told their secrets (I’m Gay) up front.  Am I right?  😀

I hope you enjoyed this story line “These Are The Gays”.  Come back next week when I start what will not be a storyline but a chapter that I titled “Buffer Build-A-Thon! 2013”.