Thank you so much for reading my comic!

“Casually Employed” is a gag-a-day strip written in a storyline style.  A new strip is added every Monday and Thursday.

Casually Employed is about a group of TV Show Hosts working for a new low budget channel called  “The Hobby Channel”.  With low rating they all must keep their day jobs while they wait for their “Big Break”.  Along for the ride is the central character Clive Adams. Unmotivated, lazy and irresponsible, he continues to share in the same level of success as his friends.

While I make an effort to have all my comics be “stand alone” gags, sometimes it will be more enjoyable to read a comic starting at the beginning of that storyline. Just click the “Select Story” link to the left.

Thank you again for making “Casually Employed” a part of your day.  I hope you will keep coming back!

Bill Murphy